Thursday, May 31, 2007

A wonderful thing happened on Tuesday evening.

I took Viola-Kid and Ocarina-Kid to hear the Fountain City Brass Band (winners of the North American Brass Band Championships), who were playing at my workplace. It was a great concert - the boys loved it. But - just before the band played the second-last piece, the conductor looked up at Viola-Kid (sitting in the balcony, so we wouldn't wriggle and squirm and put the adult audience off!) - and shouted up, "You wanna conduct this piece?"

With a yell of "YES!!!!!", Viola Kid shot along the balcony, through the swing doors and down the stairs of the auditorium, two at a time. And conducted the band as though he was quite accustomed to being there!

What a kind gesture. I was really touched. It made Viola-Kid so happy - he couldn't wait to tell SuperSpouse when we got home after the concert, and he was still smiling the next morning! I am showing the photo of Joe Parisi, the conductor, so you can see the very nice, very kind man who made my son so happy.

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Rose Marie said...

I'm speechless! What an honour and what will his future be?