Sunday, June 03, 2007


Aaarghh! Just when you think you've done everything - bought the ring-binders, the poly-pockets and highlighter pens, the snacks and "healthy" drinks, and done all the washing and ironing ...

SuperSpouse took Cello-Kid back to his halls of residence for the next week, and what did PseudoSupermum find left behind?

Grade 5 piano music. Scales and arpeggios. And his new watch! As I said, Aaarghh!

Well, I've supervised music practice for Viola-Kid and Ocarina-Kid, given the latter his supper and tucked him up in bed. I had intended doing some reading now, but I think I may be going to take the forgotten music fairly soon, so is there any point in starting reading? It looks like a great book, really useful - but it's going to have to wait ...

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