Saturday, June 02, 2007

Brring, brring!

"I'm ringing about the cello you're selling..."
"You see, mine's is broke. Would you like to hear it over the phone?"
"Not particularly. So - would you like to come and see ours?"
"Can you play it over the phone?"
"Sorry - I can't play the cello."
"So - can I buy yours?"
"Certainly" - and I named the amount, emphasising that we wanted payment in cash.


"Well, I was thinking of buying it for £50 less than that." "But you saw the price in our advert?"
"Well, I'm haggling with you."
"No, you're not. We've named our price."
"Oh, well then ..."


30 seconds later .....

Brring, brring!



Evidently blowing a trumpet raspberry at us. Ah, well - Whatever! There's nowt so strange as folks, is there?

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