Monday, June 18, 2007

If I have ended up with a neat pile of papers on my desk, at 23.59 pm, then it's a miracle. And I'm having a glass of Chardonnay to celebrate. You see, I took today off, to get some serious study done.

Boy, did I work! I got through the Dahlhaus book on nineteenth century music. (I can only take so much on the aesthetics and philosophy of nineteenth century music before I lose the will to live, but I read thoroughly the bits I thought were relevant, and skipped large chunks about Wagner opera.) I've got a clutch of word-processed notes at the end of it.

I read the articles on Zuccalmaglio that I'd managed to download. I gathered citations. Made notes of things I wanted to follow up.

Most of that was done between 9.20 am and 2.20 pm, then I went to collect the boys from school. (Remember, SuperSpouse is gallivanting in Katowice this week.)

I tried not to feel guilty that I baked chocolate buns when we got home. (The chicken curry was a necessity, but the buns were an optional extra.)

Had tea, took the boys to viola and piano lessons, and eventually got Ocarina-Kid into the bath, and - eventually - both boys to bed.

In between times, and afterwards, I wrote another couple of pages for my thesis chapter. Perfect! (No, not the chapter - I wouldn't venture to suggest that - but I've got down all the facts I wanted to include, so there's a good chance it is not only fixed in my head but also on paper. Paper? Sorry, I meant, on file. Which reminds me, I'll save it to USB as well, before I head for bed.)

I can't calculate exactly how long I spent on research today - but I got more done than I would usually achieve in a week. Research days are definitely a good thing! And I had quality time with the boys as well - what could be nicer?

Meanwhile, the STTS boys (ie the Scottish Tramway and Transport Society) are having a lovely time riding trams in Katowice - so they're happy too. Contentment rules okay.

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