Saturday, June 09, 2007

HEADLINES! SuperSpouse hits 70!

... so the five of us went to Di Maggio's last night to celebrate. A good time was had by all, apart from the fact that CelloBoy and Viola Kid absolutely insisted they had to have adult portions. SuperSpouse told me not to be so mean (I was paying!) - so I caved in. Did they finish their adult portions? Don't be silly.

Meanwhile, Ocarina-Kid (who is only 8) DID NOT WANT to choose from the kids' menu. I persuaded him - gave the waiter our order - was told firmly by my four Grumpy Males that I had been too heavy handed - and had to go and change his choice.

Pseudo-Supermum won that round: what he thought was his "main course" was actually an adult starter. Did he finish it? You're still being silly.

I was perfectly prepared to spend what it took to get a fantastic meal, but I do object to buying adult portions for kids who then cannot finish even half of what's on their plate.

Home we came. Eventually, it was bedtime. At this stage I learned that Viola-Kid had a party invite for Sunday afternoon. He only has two prior engagements. I had already rearranged the guitar lesson once - and the exam is on Tuesday. We had also agreed, weeks ago, that he would play viola at his teacher's charity concert later on in the afternoon.

He screamed, bawled, howled ... and was still in a furious mood today.

Now (middday), Cello-Boy and Viola-Kid have gone off to a Christian rock music event in Edinburgh, and peace reigns.

Mind you, despite going to the leisure centre and booking the kids summer camp, and dealing with a whole load of washing ... I still have the supermarket run to look forward to. I went last night, at 11.15 pm. Got to Asda, parked the car, and had a Bright Light moment. I was thinking of the Apprentice who walked out the other day, Katie Hopkins. Alpha female, high-flyer, high earner. And that was where the inspiration came to me:

I know Katie Hopkins depends on her parents' help. But she could afford paid help if she wanted it.

If I could afford a paid, live-in housekeeper or au pair, would I ask them to go shopping at 11.15 pm on a Friday after a meal out? I would not. So - why should I? I bought the bare essentials, and came home again. Enough's enough!

Image of Katie Hopkins from the BBC's website:

(I'm curious to see who will finally win The Apprentice. It's rather compulsive viewing!)

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