Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I must be sickening for something - I've actually had a relaxing night. It was the church choir's annual end-of-session dinner. I couldn't find a babysitter, but it worked out just fine, because one of my altos "volunteered" her grown-up son and daughter as babysitters. So my two youngest sons went to her house, and played PlayStation, electric guitar, keyboard ... not to mention playing with a lovely soft cuddly poodly kind of dog - a water-hound of some sort. They couldn't have been happier. Now they're off to bed, tired, but very contented.
I shall make a cup of tea, and do as much ironing as it takes to drink the tea. Then there's probably j-u-s-t enough of that Chardonnay left for me to have a small glass before bedtime. Cheers!
By the way, these pictures shows a new sport - extreme ironing. Due acknowledgement to the image sources.
In case you were worried about the STTS guys in Poland - have no fear. The latest report is that they had a fabulous time in Cracow and are reluctantly heading home to the UK tomorrow evening.

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