Wednesday, June 06, 2007

As sexy as a piece of haddock?

I walked into the house this evening to the appetising smell of Bird's Eye Simply Haddock. Three cheers for SuperSpouse, who had the meal almost ready to serve up.

"If you don't mind my saying so, dear", SuperSpouse said gently, entering the kitchen behind me, "you could do with a shower. You're sweaty."


(This is the man, I might add, whom his best pal calls "Sir Humphrey", alluding to his tact and diplomacy skills ... )

I'd walked out of the Subway feeling fat, frumpy and forty-eight, and arrived home to be told I smelled. Is it any wonder I don't feel in the least bit feminine, let alone attractive?

I sniffed my own armpits. (Tricky, but it can be done.) No! my anti-perspirant was still working just fine.

The penny dropped. "Are you sure you're not just smelling the Bird's Eye Simply Haddock?"

A guilty look. Then embarrassment. "Ah, yes. Sorry. [mumbled, sotto voce] Yes, that's it. Of course."

I wonder how many SuperSpouses, worldwide, can't differentiate between their wife and a piece of haddock?

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Rose Marie said...

Oh my, that was just too funny! I'm still giggling. Poor SS, did he blush?