Thursday, June 21, 2007

Katowice was hit by thunderstorms today, and the bold lads from STTS were briefly stranded at the airport. The European weather forecast predicted the storms - but didn't give the details of thunder, lightening and flooded runways.

So there I was, pondering over what would happen if SuperSpouse didn't return tonight. I'd had a panicky phone-call from his work yesterday, begging him to go in tomorrow because his deputy was off sick.

I started trying to work out what would happen if he wasn't back, and concluded that there would be no alternative but to take a day's annual leave from my work in order to cover his work. I've hardly any left in my entitlement, but that would have mattered little compared to the inconvenience of his crematorium being without music for a day!

Anyway, he's home again safely, so all is well. All those dozens of mourners who'll be at funerals tomorrow are blissfully unaware of the crisis that has been averted!


Ohmygoodness! I've just discovered that someone else has a Super Spouse, too. (They have a space between Super and Spouse. A spaced-out, vegetable gardening Super Spouse, then. ) I am about to have a look at this duplicate Super Spouse. I didn't imagine there could be two of them!

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