Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soup-er Spouse

You have to admire SuperSpouse's focus. He was telling me about the Katovice delegation, as I was fixing something in the kitchen. I don't think he noticed what I was doing.

*I cut jelly squares
*Dissolved them in liquid
*Liquidised some peaches which were going to become a Jellied Peach Smoothie
*Mixed the whole lot together, put the dish in the fridge, then transferred the milk from the milk-jug back to a screw-top milk carton so that the jelly smell wouldn't taint the milk. "I'm putting the milk back in the carton because of the jelly", I said firmly. I know it looks nicer to have milk in a jug, but needs must ...
Then we started getting lunch ready. "Boys!" yelled SuperSpouse, "Would you like soup, beans or spaghetti?"
"There isn't any soup", I intervened.
"But I've just seen you making it!!!"
I have to concede that peach jelly and tomato soup are very similar in colour. They just smell different.
(Soup image from
Good thing SuperSpouse has a good sense of humour!


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