Monday, July 30, 2007

You know when you do a search in Windows, and the little hound paws the ground or flicks through a book as he seeks your file?

I'm the little hound. I recently read "Fakesong" by Dave Harker - I think it was the last time I visited my parents down south. If that's so, then I could only have made handwritten notes, because I didn't take my laptop.

I cannot find any notes on it! Nothing on the computer. Nothing on the USB stick. No handwritten notes in any of my many looseleaf files. (14 ring-binders, for a start.)

But it was a fascinating read - so much so that I bought my own copy. AND I CAN'T FIND THE NOTES. Did I just read it and NOT take notes? Surely not, but it begins to look like it. The awful thought is that I might have to re-read it and make more notes now, because there were comments that Harker made, to which I now want to refer. Oh, nuts!

I've had a long weekend's holiday, because we were going to go down south as a family to visit my parents, but we decided against it on account of recent flooding etc. So - you'd think I would have got a whole load of research stuff done, wouldn't you?

What have I done?
* Listed the Scottish music collectors who need mini biographies and short notes about their collections;
* Updated my bibliography and "to read" list;
* Collected a few choice quotations which might become part of my thesis title;
* Done a major, MAJOR overhaul of the 14 ring-binders and assorted piles of papers - which was worth the effort, but failed to find any notes on the aforementioned Harker book. So much for my superior abilities at file management. What management?!

So, here I am. 11 pm on a Monday night, and really not much further forward. Ho-hum.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cello-Kid has gone out with SuperSpouse on a very special mission. A friend has painted a picture of Cello-Kid, his dad and youngest brother, inspired by a photo that appeared in the newspaper. They've gone to inspect progress. How cool is that? Very few people actually get a portrait painted of them these days!

That leaves me with two little boys, a busy dishwasher and a pile of research reading to do.

Go on then, tell me -


Thanks to for the image

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SuperSpouse came back safe and sound from Crich, where he had been at a Tramway Museum Society AGM and Dinner.

And then on Monday, what was in The Herald? A Men's World supplement. I thought this caption was very appropriate to SuperSpouse's weekend!

The article didn't, however, mention weekends at a tramway museum, so I feel it my duty to rectify that. Here's one of the restored trams!

Maybe next week they'll feature Breaks away with the Girls. This girl plans to go to Krakov in November. SuperSpouse tells me it's well-worth a visit.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

St Swithun's Day 8. The saint managed j-u-s-t enough drizzle to make me bring my washing in.

How's this for a peace-offering? That was my youngest son's apology for being a complete P.I.T.A. this lunch-time. I'm a big softie - the K'nex heart won me over instantly!

P.I.T.A.? Work it out for yourself!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

St Swithun's Day 7 - it's drizzling in Glasgow. I've just washed my car, rinsed it half-heartedly (well, it was drizzling) and will wait for St Swithun to do the rest. I don't think he has a brush and sponge, but I'm sure he'll do his best.

St Swithun's Day 6 - it was forecast to rain in Glasgow, but England got it. All of it. (The link is to Orange's weather report.) St Swithun must be well pleased with himself, because he has caused absolute chaos on a widespread scale.

SuperSpouse flew to Manchester this morning, took the train to Matlock (to attend an AGM), and is dining in Crich tonight. All right for some, isn't it?

Meanwhile PseudoSupermum, having risen at 5 am with her Spouse, went downstairs and studied. Woke the boys at 7 am, and went out at 8 am to collect our Harry Potter book. (SuperSpouse wasn't keen on a midnight outing because Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night isn't a very nice place for a staid PseudoSupermum and impressionable Cello-Kid. Too many clubbers strutting their stuff.) In between buying the book and visiting the optician, the boys had their photo taken with an owl in a bookshop promotion.

Back home again, and peace reigned. We had lunch. Deciding to chase up my ailing mobile phone with Carphone Warehouse wasn't such a good idea, though. I discovered it had been registered in the wrong name and address when I bought it, so tracking it down was problematical. I was advised to go into the shop - took two reluctant little boys with me - only to be told that nothing could be changed on their computer system until my phone was returned from the engineer's to the shop. Right. Bother!

So, we're home again. I hung out the washing, washed the car, realised it was raining, retrieved the washing, rinsed the car (see above) - and now it's time for tea.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

St Swithun's Day 5 - it rained.

The poor saintly Swithun must have been kicking himself yesterday, though - he didn't manage to arrange a drop of rain all day, and St Swithun's Day 4 was an inverse washout!

This has not been a happy day. I felt badly dressed - so bad that I went to Bhs at lunchtime in the hope that there'd be something nice in the summer Sales. I came away empty-handed. That's a good way of saving money, but in terms of retail therapy, it stinks!

Mental note - PseudoSupermum should make more effort with her clothes. Her bag and shoes shouldn't just match each other - ideally, they need to complement the outfit. And if the outfit works - which I think it just about did - then the jacket needs to go with the outfit, rather than screaming "She just flung on whatever came to hand this morning!!"

True - but it didn't contribute to my sense of well-being. Add to that my aching feet, and a disappointing letter in the post. Humph!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

St Swithun's Day 3. Yes, folks - it rained again today.

SuperSpouse is now peeling all over the place, but most particularly all over the carpets. Appealing? You tell me! (I'm the one wielding the dustpan.) My thanks to for the representation of SuperSpouse.

Monday, July 16, 2007

St Swithun's Day 2 . Still raining!

Clearly, Cello-Kid needed a replacement phone. I took him and Viola Kid into town to get one this afternoon.
* He got his phone - love at first sight
* Viola Kid got a new Wii game - instant bliss
*They had lunch in Subway for the first time - can life get better?
* We bought a new bulb for Cello-Kid's lava lamp

And what did I get out of the trip? I paid in a couple of cheques, got a bulb for the cooker hood light, and had some quality time with my boys. "Don't forget the coffee, Mum - you had a coffee!", Cello-Kid reminded me. Right!
Mr Tesco, meanwhile - open again after his bomb scares yesterday - decided I should set my sights higher. His suggestion of something special for PseudoSupermum?

The Deal of the Day is:- 30% off Charles Heidsieck Champagne. Today only £107.69 Save 30% - Case of 6 (equivalent to £17.95 per bottle).

Well yes, I suppose that would brighten my day, if I could afford it...

I realise that while investigations are under way, we aren't going to find out much about yesterday's events. When you consider how many profits would have been lost, I imagine Tesco's will be very, very annoyed by it all. This kind of thing never used to happen - I don't like the way society is going.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

St Swithun's Day

'St Swithin’s Day, if it does rain

Full forty days, it will remain

St Swithin’s Day, if it be fair

For forty days, t'will rain no more.'


St Swithun was an English saint. Does the proverb still hold in Scotland? Well, we'll soon find out! It started out fine - I got two loads of laundry dried in the sunshine - and then it drizzled. Hmmm ...... Glasgow weather forecast according to the BBC - Click here. Meanwhile, there's a big, fat cloud over Glasgow on the Met Office map. Only MEDIUM cloud, they tell me.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I took the boys to the Glasgow River Fest this afternoon. By and large, they behaved themselves! They liked the submarine challenge, and enjoyed exploring a tall ship at the harbour. But what did they enjoy most? Jump Zone - the company calls it a bungy trampoline. Basically, it's a large bouncy thing suspended on elastic cords - for all the world like an oversized baby-bouncer. £5 for 3 minutes of ecstasy. At least it's healthy, outdoor fun - even if it had nothing to do with boats, rivers or even water ... (Jump Zone image from the website.)

Pictures of the Glasgow River Fest

Blood on the floor!

Well, not quite. The boys can't agree over whose turn it is on the computer. Cello Kid insists he has Nothing Else to Do. Aye, right. They've been taken to the swimming pool twice since Wednesday, been to the branch library, been to town, and played with friends ... is it unreasonable to expect them to amuse themselves in between times?

Meanwhile, Small Fry got right up my nose by spitting when I told him we'd have to nip out to pick up a prescription. That's not on!

We were going to go out for a celebratory lunch at KFC, but it has been postponed. Maybe this evening?

Meanwhile, I need to prepare a sandwich lunch and then get down to the ironing. I love holidays!
The book jacket is "What are you so grumpy about?", by Tom Lichtenheld. I'm tempted to go out and buy it!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Awaiting the Wasp Man

I had to call pest control this evening. We had the back of our house painted white, while we were away - but the painter noticed wasps coming and going under our eaves. Yesterday I tried to kid myself that he'd actually seen the bumble-bees who've been enjoying our garden flowers.

However, I looked more closely today. No mistake - they're wasps up there.

Image thanks to

Monday, July 09, 2007

We're back from sunny Spain. We were so lucky to have left Glasgow two days before the jeep bomb attack on our airport, so our travel arrangements weren't affected. Coming back via Stansted Airport yesterday, security was high. We spent hours queuing to get through security control, but we were all very grateful that so much care was being taken. My feet and legs are very, very sore indeed today, from standing in queues for so long yesterday.

We were very lucky with our Eurocamp chalet this year - just three minutes from a fabulous beach. We've been totally indolent for ten days, drifting from pool to chalet to beach, and doing very little else. (Not counting shopping for food, of course. That's the only down-side of self-catering holidays.)

On Thursday all four boys got a bit sunburnt, despite my applying lashings of lotion on all of them. ("FOUR boys?", the Eurocamp rep echoed. "I thought you had three?")

Yes, but it was the Old Boy who resisted my nagging to go back to the chalet for lunch, or to put his shirt on to avoid getting too burnt. Cello-Kid reminded me of this, when SuperSpouse couldn't and wouldn't get out of bed the next day, so great was his discomfort.

But of course, I'm a nag. I knew that. I felt almost guilty that of the five of us, I was the only one who wasn't actually sunburnt. I had tried so hard to keep them all covered in Factor 30, too.

Cello-Kid lost his mobile phone an hour after arriving in Noja. (I wouldn't mind so much if he hadn't lost his previous phone in Wassenaar last summer!) And my own mobile phone became terminally ill a couple of days before our holiday ended. It has gone to Mobile Phone Hospital today, and I hope the insurance that I took out will prove as good as it claimed to be!

And Ocarina Kid lost his specs on the beach! We were so lucky that they were handed in to the lifeguard, so I got them back an hour later. I couldn't believe it! But Ocarina Kid wasn't completely sure they were his, so today we went to our optician to confirm that he wasn't walking around in inappropriate glasses - and to order a new pair so that the old, slightly warped specs can become spares.

Viola-Kid didn't lose a thing - what an angel. However, he came home to discover he had got a Merit in his Grade 1 Guitar exam, so we'll be celebrating at KFC this weekend.

I did do a bit of washing on holiday, but I've done a veritable mountain of laundry in the past 24 hours. Now I have to tackle the online supermarket order, though I can't really summon up much enthusiasm ...

Beachcombing picture from

Noja picture from the Daily Telegraph

Overheated man from - isn't it fantastic?!

Spanish Dictionaries

Here's a hint. Don't imagine that, just because you passed your Spanish O-level in eight months flat, 32 years ago, you'll remember any of the language when you go to Spain for the first time.

Here's another hint. Don't just pick up your schoolgirl Spanish pocket dictionary and rejoice that you had the foresight to hang onto it. There it was, neat and tidy and pristine, as you'd expect from a good little librarian. It was also a 1970's reprint of a dictionary copyrighted in 1955. Did it have the word for "airport"? Don't be silly! Air-raid, airgun, but not airport. And so it went on. It was pretty bloody useless, at the end of the day!