Saturday, July 14, 2007

Blood on the floor!

Well, not quite. The boys can't agree over whose turn it is on the computer. Cello Kid insists he has Nothing Else to Do. Aye, right. They've been taken to the swimming pool twice since Wednesday, been to the branch library, been to town, and played with friends ... is it unreasonable to expect them to amuse themselves in between times?

Meanwhile, Small Fry got right up my nose by spitting when I told him we'd have to nip out to pick up a prescription. That's not on!

We were going to go out for a celebratory lunch at KFC, but it has been postponed. Maybe this evening?

Meanwhile, I need to prepare a sandwich lunch and then get down to the ironing. I love holidays!
The book jacket is "What are you so grumpy about?", by Tom Lichtenheld. I'm tempted to go out and buy it!

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