Monday, July 16, 2007

St Swithun's Day 2 . Still raining!

Clearly, Cello-Kid needed a replacement phone. I took him and Viola Kid into town to get one this afternoon.
* He got his phone - love at first sight
* Viola Kid got a new Wii game - instant bliss
*They had lunch in Subway for the first time - can life get better?
* We bought a new bulb for Cello-Kid's lava lamp

And what did I get out of the trip? I paid in a couple of cheques, got a bulb for the cooker hood light, and had some quality time with my boys. "Don't forget the coffee, Mum - you had a coffee!", Cello-Kid reminded me. Right!
Mr Tesco, meanwhile - open again after his bomb scares yesterday - decided I should set my sights higher. His suggestion of something special for PseudoSupermum?

The Deal of the Day is:- 30% off Charles Heidsieck Champagne. Today only £107.69 Save 30% - Case of 6 (equivalent to £17.95 per bottle).

Well yes, I suppose that would brighten my day, if I could afford it...

I realise that while investigations are under way, we aren't going to find out much about yesterday's events. When you consider how many profits would have been lost, I imagine Tesco's will be very, very annoyed by it all. This kind of thing never used to happen - I don't like the way society is going.

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