Thursday, July 19, 2007

St Swithun's Day 5 - it rained.

The poor saintly Swithun must have been kicking himself yesterday, though - he didn't manage to arrange a drop of rain all day, and St Swithun's Day 4 was an inverse washout!

This has not been a happy day. I felt badly dressed - so bad that I went to Bhs at lunchtime in the hope that there'd be something nice in the summer Sales. I came away empty-handed. That's a good way of saving money, but in terms of retail therapy, it stinks!

Mental note - PseudoSupermum should make more effort with her clothes. Her bag and shoes shouldn't just match each other - ideally, they need to complement the outfit. And if the outfit works - which I think it just about did - then the jacket needs to go with the outfit, rather than screaming "She just flung on whatever came to hand this morning!!"

True - but it didn't contribute to my sense of well-being. Add to that my aching feet, and a disappointing letter in the post. Humph!

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