Saturday, July 21, 2007

St Swithun's Day 7 - it's drizzling in Glasgow. I've just washed my car, rinsed it half-heartedly (well, it was drizzling) and will wait for St Swithun to do the rest. I don't think he has a brush and sponge, but I'm sure he'll do his best.

St Swithun's Day 6 - it was forecast to rain in Glasgow, but England got it. All of it. (The link is to Orange's weather report.) St Swithun must be well pleased with himself, because he has caused absolute chaos on a widespread scale.

SuperSpouse flew to Manchester this morning, took the train to Matlock (to attend an AGM), and is dining in Crich tonight. All right for some, isn't it?

Meanwhile PseudoSupermum, having risen at 5 am with her Spouse, went downstairs and studied. Woke the boys at 7 am, and went out at 8 am to collect our Harry Potter book. (SuperSpouse wasn't keen on a midnight outing because Sauchiehall Street on a Friday night isn't a very nice place for a staid PseudoSupermum and impressionable Cello-Kid. Too many clubbers strutting their stuff.) In between buying the book and visiting the optician, the boys had their photo taken with an owl in a bookshop promotion.

Back home again, and peace reigned. We had lunch. Deciding to chase up my ailing mobile phone with Carphone Warehouse wasn't such a good idea, though. I discovered it had been registered in the wrong name and address when I bought it, so tracking it down was problematical. I was advised to go into the shop - took two reluctant little boys with me - only to be told that nothing could be changed on their computer system until my phone was returned from the engineer's to the shop. Right. Bother!

So, we're home again. I hung out the washing, washed the car, realised it was raining, retrieved the washing, rinsed the car (see above) - and now it's time for tea.

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