Monday, July 09, 2007

We're back from sunny Spain. We were so lucky to have left Glasgow two days before the jeep bomb attack on our airport, so our travel arrangements weren't affected. Coming back via Stansted Airport yesterday, security was high. We spent hours queuing to get through security control, but we were all very grateful that so much care was being taken. My feet and legs are very, very sore indeed today, from standing in queues for so long yesterday.

We were very lucky with our Eurocamp chalet this year - just three minutes from a fabulous beach. We've been totally indolent for ten days, drifting from pool to chalet to beach, and doing very little else. (Not counting shopping for food, of course. That's the only down-side of self-catering holidays.)

On Thursday all four boys got a bit sunburnt, despite my applying lashings of lotion on all of them. ("FOUR boys?", the Eurocamp rep echoed. "I thought you had three?")

Yes, but it was the Old Boy who resisted my nagging to go back to the chalet for lunch, or to put his shirt on to avoid getting too burnt. Cello-Kid reminded me of this, when SuperSpouse couldn't and wouldn't get out of bed the next day, so great was his discomfort.

But of course, I'm a nag. I knew that. I felt almost guilty that of the five of us, I was the only one who wasn't actually sunburnt. I had tried so hard to keep them all covered in Factor 30, too.

Cello-Kid lost his mobile phone an hour after arriving in Noja. (I wouldn't mind so much if he hadn't lost his previous phone in Wassenaar last summer!) And my own mobile phone became terminally ill a couple of days before our holiday ended. It has gone to Mobile Phone Hospital today, and I hope the insurance that I took out will prove as good as it claimed to be!

And Ocarina Kid lost his specs on the beach! We were so lucky that they were handed in to the lifeguard, so I got them back an hour later. I couldn't believe it! But Ocarina Kid wasn't completely sure they were his, so today we went to our optician to confirm that he wasn't walking around in inappropriate glasses - and to order a new pair so that the old, slightly warped specs can become spares.

Viola-Kid didn't lose a thing - what an angel. However, he came home to discover he had got a Merit in his Grade 1 Guitar exam, so we'll be celebrating at KFC this weekend.

I did do a bit of washing on holiday, but I've done a veritable mountain of laundry in the past 24 hours. Now I have to tackle the online supermarket order, though I can't really summon up much enthusiasm ...

Beachcombing picture from

Noja picture from the Daily Telegraph

Overheated man from - isn't it fantastic?!

Spanish Dictionaries

Here's a hint. Don't imagine that, just because you passed your Spanish O-level in eight months flat, 32 years ago, you'll remember any of the language when you go to Spain for the first time.

Here's another hint. Don't just pick up your schoolgirl Spanish pocket dictionary and rejoice that you had the foresight to hang onto it. There it was, neat and tidy and pristine, as you'd expect from a good little librarian. It was also a 1970's reprint of a dictionary copyrighted in 1955. Did it have the word for "airport"? Don't be silly! Air-raid, airgun, but not airport. And so it went on. It was pretty bloody useless, at the end of the day!

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