Monday, July 30, 2007

You know when you do a search in Windows, and the little hound paws the ground or flicks through a book as he seeks your file?

I'm the little hound. I recently read "Fakesong" by Dave Harker - I think it was the last time I visited my parents down south. If that's so, then I could only have made handwritten notes, because I didn't take my laptop.

I cannot find any notes on it! Nothing on the computer. Nothing on the USB stick. No handwritten notes in any of my many looseleaf files. (14 ring-binders, for a start.)

But it was a fascinating read - so much so that I bought my own copy. AND I CAN'T FIND THE NOTES. Did I just read it and NOT take notes? Surely not, but it begins to look like it. The awful thought is that I might have to re-read it and make more notes now, because there were comments that Harker made, to which I now want to refer. Oh, nuts!

I've had a long weekend's holiday, because we were going to go down south as a family to visit my parents, but we decided against it on account of recent flooding etc. So - you'd think I would have got a whole load of research stuff done, wouldn't you?

What have I done?
* Listed the Scottish music collectors who need mini biographies and short notes about their collections;
* Updated my bibliography and "to read" list;
* Collected a few choice quotations which might become part of my thesis title;
* Done a major, MAJOR overhaul of the 14 ring-binders and assorted piles of papers - which was worth the effort, but failed to find any notes on the aforementioned Harker book. So much for my superior abilities at file management. What management?!

So, here I am. 11 pm on a Monday night, and really not much further forward. Ho-hum.

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