Saturday, August 25, 2007

No more Mrs Nice Guy!

That is to say, I'm TIRED of putting away everyone else's stuff, TIRED of asking everyone else to put their stuff away, TIRED of people's complaining, and especially TIRED of being taken for granted by a grumpy teenager.

The two who have not yet got teenage hormones have not yet got the idea of healthy food. "This bread has BITS in it!" Pick, pick, pick. (Yeurghhh)

And I bake a cake - not quite Domestic Goddess stuff, but tasty enough - and proudly produce it at tea-time. I ask for forks to be fetched. Not a big deal, really.

"You should have brought forks through when you brought the cake. Why should I do it? You should have thought of it."

Right. Or should I say, NOT right. Tomorrow I'm going to be a normal, not supermum. I work all week. They can eat plain white sliced bread and shop-bought cake. Do I care?

And I'm auditioning for a spot on Grumpy Old Women next week. (It's a TV programme, and they forgot to invite me.)

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