Friday, August 31, 2007

Oops! I dropped the hamster!

I've taken the day off so I can play for a wedding this afternoon. I'm doing research this morning. The hamster cage didn't smell too good, so I took the lid off, and took the cage itself through to the kitchen and put it on the worktop. As I turned to lift the lid of the kitchen bin, I must have caught the cage.

You can guess the rest. Litter tray, stinky litter and hamster (fast asleep in his house) ended up upside-down on the kitchen floor.

Right. Never mind about "I'll just sort out the laundry and clean the cage then sit down to work". Out came broom, dustpan, kitchen mop and bucket ...

Oh, you're worried about the hamster? Seems fine. The somewhat shaken and stirred veteran spent the next fifteen minutes gleefully feeding his face with fresh lettuce and hamster seed mix. I tell you, he's a survivor, that one!
How much autonomy did Robert Burns have with writing his songs for George Thomson? I've got the gist of his responsibilities with the James Johnson collection, but I'm still working it out with regards to Thomson. Got more books from the library, so I'll plod on.

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