Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We lead an interesting life in one of Glasgow's rougher neighbourhoods. After a weekend of three arson attacks on empty council flats just down the road, the council saw sense and had the burnt-out shells demolished the following week. Leaving one family in the middle, presumably awaiting an eviction order. I wouldn't want to be them, knowing the next fires could affect their home.

The fire-brigade's efforts, and then the demolition team's efforts, have provided more community entertainment than we've had laid on in decades. Local youths have swarmed in to see the fun.

Anyway, all is still and peaceful at our end of the street ... most of the time. Our own neighbours have been doing extensive renovations, and have had massive piles of rubbish in their front yard in between trips to the nearest dump. Today, there was just a big cardboard box of rubbish - a mere nothing, compared to what has been thrown out in the past.

Sniff, sniff - hmmm, a smell of burning. Yes, someone had set fire to it. I grabbed the nearest bucket, which happened to be the plastic wastepaper basket that we keep in the dining room, and did my neighbourly bit. Our neighbour suggested that it could just have been a carelessly discarded cigarette stub. Yes, it could have been. But the odds are that it wasn't.

Meanwhile, at work, I've been doing library inductions for new users again. This time, it was to foreign students currently learning enough English to start their course in September. I devised what was essentially a portable flip-board with useful words and illustrations. (Sometimes I even surprise myself.) Luckily, it worked!


I intended to read up what Robert Burns had to say about Scottish folk-tunes, this evening. Somehow it hasn't quite worked out how I planned. And now, nearly 11 pm, I need to hang up some washing and have a bath. Sorry, Rabbie - some other time ...

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