Friday, August 24, 2007

Small feet - big words

Blame it on the holiday. We spent so long standing in queues at the airport on the homeward journey that my feet have ached ever since. So ... six weeks later, I went to the doctor. I'd already worked out that I have plantar fasciitis. And it's official - I have.

So I now have anti-inflammatory tablets for my foot. Clever, that - the medication knows it has to make its way to my heel. How does it do that?!

I wouldn't have gone to the GP, if it wasn't for the fact that we're nearly at the end of August. I can wear my Orthoheel mules to work in the summer - painted toe-nails look quite pretty, and no-one bats and eyelid.

But when it's chilly, and the students are back at college - and I want to wear smarter clothes to work? No, I don't think Orthoheel mules will do. So I have to get my feet back to feeling comfortable again!

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