Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Encouragement Needed!

Went to see my research supervisor today, and assured him that - gastritis notwithstanding - I really was going to write some more of my chapter before I see him next.

So - if you're reading this now, please send a Comment and encourage me to get on with it. (And NOT to write long Pseudosupermum postings or get embroiled in Weight Watchers message-boards!)

Looking forward to hearing from friends and supporters!


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Felicity said...

You're much too tough on yourself. PhDs take at least 10 years, you know! You are doing good work AND looking after your family. That sounds pretty effective to me.

Gina W. said...

OK now - Enough fun and games! The thesis can't write itself you know!

Seriously, you are doing a remarkable job being a mom, holding down a job, and dealing with the rest of life! I know you are making it a priority and will continue to do so.

Now, I must get back to work and stop reading all of my friends' blogs for "distraction" and fun tonight before I go to bed!


Rose Marie said...

You can do it .... you really can!

There, that's your encouragement. How will you do it? Do a post (after you do more thesis writing)telling us how you fit in time between everything else to actually write. I'm truly amazed at what you accomplish in a day.

Anonymous said...

Hiya hun, Its Fiona293. You asked me to message u on here. Here is my email addy: grandadsjellybelly@hotmail.co.uk

Chat soon xx