Friday, September 21, 2007

The highs and the lows ... Hallucinating about Chocolate

On Wednesday night, I made a garden vegetable soup out of the Weight Watchers book, which even the boys (who don't do a lot of vegetables) said smelled good. It looked a bit weird, once I'd cooked it thoroughly, but it tasted okay when I had it for lunch yesterday, and didn't affect my digestion. Fine. Then I had plain fromage frais, and a slice of bread, and felt quite full. In terms of the bland diet, it wasn't quite a white meal, but it was pretty pale! I've had a lot of porridge and plain yoghourt recently, too!

Today, I was disorganised. I had a low-cal packet soup and Go-Ahead biscuits for my lunch, and that doesn't really fit into either of my diets. However, it didn't disagree with me. I must be getting better. Imagine my chagrin at not being able to share the wine and chocolates which my colleagues had at teabreak this afternoon, though. I had herb tea and tried to feel virtuous. Boy, it was hard!

Meanwhile, back home, Viola-Kid has muttered fitfully about a sore stomach - with no fever or other symptoms - and was very disconsolate when we suggested going to school yesterday. Both SuperSpouse and I simply had to be at work (short of appendicitis or a broken leg!), so Viola-Kid went to the childminder. He doesn't seem very ill to us! Today was a school holiday, and he got checked over by our GP. There doesn't seem to be much amiss. Bland diets seem to be de rigeur in my house!

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