Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm still working out what I can eat that fits in with Weight Watcher's Core Plan, AND fulfils doctor's orders for "a bland diet". If I see another crispbread with cream cheese, I shall SCREAM ... Anyway, I've made a garden vegetable soup and hope it won't disagree with my poor tummy tomorrow lunchtime!

We had whole-college staff training on Monday, and the choice of fruit and sandwiches would have gone down well with most people there. Sadly, it didn't agree with me. How I suffered!

We had half-college staff training on Tuesday too, but I nobly took my own crispbread and cream cheese, followed by yoghourt. I had herbal tea instead a couple of cups of coffee, and I was fine. Bored, hungry, but fine.

Today - go on, look at your calendar - had "Pseudo-Supermum, this is not your day!" written across it. I'd signed up for a meeting at Uni. It was changed but I seem not to have been told. Various things didn't go according to plan at work, and Smallest Boy lost his NEW waterproof jacket during morning playtime. By the time I got home, I was ready to chew off the head of anyone that accidentally crossed me.

Helped at Junior Boys' Brigade this evening - not feeling at all like going - and ended up very glad to have had a diversion for a couple of hours. So I'm all smiles again, even though I'm starving!

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