Friday, September 14, 2007

Of course, you can pick up news about Maddie McCann just about anywhere! Yes, maybe I was naive to state that the BBC was reliable. They've had that reputation for so long, but there has been evidence of unreliability this summer, hasn't there?

So, how do we know when there is bias? Maybe there's bias throughout the media, one way or another.

Try the Mirror, and see what you make of that. And the Portuguese press gives you yet another slant.

It's amazing what's coming out. Nine adults, copious bottles of wine in Praia da Luz that night, a little girl crying for her Daddy on evenings prior to her disappearance. A mother whose diary says she can't cope and isn't supported with the burden of childcare. (I know what it's like having three children under five.) The strong suggestion that Maddie was overdosed on sleeping pills - by someone who shouldn't have been administering sleeping pills to a child, but was medically qualified to get it RIGHT - if, indeed she did it. Of course, after a couple of bottles of wine, maybe it wasn't so easy.

But then again, what would I know? Two glasses of wine is plenty for me! And right now, I can't even have one, on doctor's orders. Blooming gastritis!

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