Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Those illusive "exercise points"!

Weight Watchers allow you gain yourself extra points for treats if you take exercise. Yesterday and today, I got off the subway a stop early and walked in to work. This is supposed to be A Good Thing. Indeed, yesterday I had walked for 45 minutes by the time I had been to see my research supervisor. Today I only notched up 20.

So - I have to leave home earlier, to allow time for the walking. I only took a short lunch-break, and after work I went back - by subway - to where I'd parked the car this afternoon, then drove back into town so I could attend an early evening event at work. (I needed the car to get me home again quickly afterwards, but city parking is expensive so I didn't want to be parked in a multi-storey all day.)

This is where the wheel, metaphorically, came off. I spent 50 minutes in traffic getting back to work! Finally got home to gulp down a small coffee then take Small-Fry to Junior Boys' Brigade. I got my dinner at about 8 pm. By that stage I was tired, hungry and my feet ached. I'm going to be late at work tomorrow too, but you can be sure that I won't bother trying to fetch the car. I'd rather use the underground and hope it doesn't break down!

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