Sunday, September 30, 2007

Whirling like a spinning top

Phew! What a weekend! Yesterday? Took one son to Xscape for snowboarding, made soup, took another son to Paisley for orchestra rehearsal, back to Xscape to collect no.1 son, baked buns before lunch. Took middleman to his guitar lesson, nipped into Morrisons, and after tea, went to Asda in search of useful stuff like an extension cable and freezer labels. Cable - yes, eventually. No freezer labels.

Today was marginally better. To church for Boys Brigade service and "march past", then home briefly. To Godmother for lunch and a very pleasant afternoon. Home, eventually hungry enough to need tea. I just had soup, as I'm over my limit for Weight Watcher's points at the end of the week, and I don't see how I can exercise enough to put it right!

WHY do boys decide at 8.55 pm on a Sunday, that they do have work to be done for school on Monday morning?!

Meanwhile, I have done a little research reading. I'll finish the reading and get back to writing, tomorrow or the next day. About time too!
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Rose Marie said...

I'm spinning like a top too just reading your post! :o)

If you can't find any freezer labels, try masking tape and any permanent marker. The tape is more finiky to deal with, but works well and sticks to containers, etc. Just make sure the containers are not hot or the tape will not stick.