Sunday, October 21, 2007

Knowing I was cooking for a dinner party last night, I bought a new chopping knife. (Okay, I'm the last of the big spenders, but I haven't bought a new one for years and years ...)

It's very sharp. I sliced the top of my right thumb. Got through several Elastoplasts by the time I'd finished cooking. With a sigh, I drained the vegetables for our main course, and ...

OWCH!!! I was holding a plastic sieve in my right hand, and somehow must have lost my grip because I wasn't using my thumb normally. I poured a pan of boiling water over three more fingers on that hand. I held it under cold running water. Wrapped it in a cloth-covered ice-pack. One of our guests carved the lamb for me. And when we finished the meal, I sat with my hand in cold water for the rest of the evening.

Maybe I should insure my hands? I was bothered how I'd play the organ this morning, but my emergency measures must have done the trick - I can barely tell that anything happened to the scalded fingers. The sixth plaster on my thumb was a blooming nusiance, though ...
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