Friday, October 12, 2007

Pseudo Supermum turns Pseudo Single Mum for the weekend!

I seem to have been abandoned. SuperSpouse is out for his monthly enthusiasts' meeting this evening. He's working tomorrow morning, out with the guys tomorrow afternoon, and out to an enthusiasts' fayre on Sunday afternoon.

So much for me being slim (well, slimmer) and gorgeous at home!

Ah well - since getting home from work, I've been to Toys 'R' Us, ferried two boys to Boys' Brigade, been to buy boots (for me) and trainers (for Saxophone Kid), been back to collect the other two, home again, AND done most of SuperSpouse's ironing. My halo is growing heavy.

Saturday? Only a guitar lesson and a birthday party to fit in. I might manage a trip to the baths, but I also have to revise for my Health and Safety exam next week. Who mentioned my own research? Can't see when I'll have time for it!

Say a prayer for my Dad. He fell/ fainted early this morning and has been under the weather all day. There are times when being 450 miles away is not good. I can't be as supportive as I'd like to my mother, whose birthday it is tomorrow.

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