Sunday, October 07, 2007

Weight Watchers urges more exercise ... so I start walking more. Then the physio tells me that whilst more walking won't actually hurt my heel, it will certainly slow down its recovery. Huh!

I did swim 33 lengths on Tuesday evening. Impressive, huh? Well, I did 20 lengths, had a little rest, did another ten, and then another three. I surprised myself. The trouble is, it is more difficult fitting in a trip to the baths, than it is to walk an extra fifteen minutes before work!

What a weekend we've had. We had a major crime incident at the end of our street on Friday night. Mob violence. Not a douce suburb!

Things looked up on Saturday - Ocarina Kid went off on a sponsored walk and came back to find I had bought him a saxophone and fixed up his first lesson! He was so excited. He's waited two years for this moment.

Then came SuperSpouse's choral concert last night. I was accompanist - I didn't get much time to look at the music that the choir was singing, but I only got the music from the second soloist, HALF AN HOUR before the concert. I sightread it. Or should we say, it was a combination of sightreading and busking. I still don't know how one of the songs goes.

Today, we had the 50th Centenary Service of the church where I am organist and choir trainer. A good time was had by all. Not many organists play "Raiders of the Lost Ark" as an outgoing voluntary ...

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