Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Weight Watchers urges us to take more exercise.

I started walking the extra subway stop to work last week. (I now get off at St George's Cross, not Cowcaddens.)

This evening, I excelled myself - I took the boys swimming. Unbelievably, I did 33 lengths. (That's 20 without stopping, then 10, then another 3.) Hope I'm not too tired in the morning.

Despite all that water, I'm about to go and have a bath - I deserve bubbles after all that chlorinated exercise!

I finished reading someone else's thesis last night. Tomorrow - with any luck - I'll start back in on my chapter again. No excuses now - I know as much about George Thomson's Scottish folk songs as anyone not specialising in George Thomson needs to know - and that means I can write a few paragraphs about him without making any idiotic mistakes!

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