Sunday, October 14, 2007

Words fail me

I've rushed around all weekend. Parental taxi-driver, delivery service, Cook, Laundry-woman (remember Toad of Toad Hall?) ...

However, we also went swimming yesterday, and had a wonderful and appreciative guest to lunch today - an inspirational student with such a positive attitude that she simply can't fail to do well.

All that remains is for me to revise all this Health and Safety stuff for my course tomorrow. I've downloaded loads of leaflets. Now to finish my own handy notes.

Tomorrow, all hell lets loose. SuperSpouse and Cello-Kid are off to England. I have to take the younger two boys to the childminder (in one direction) before I go to work (in the opposite direction). And I absolutely must not be late, so we'll have to go out very early indeed. It's a shame, but there you go. If I'm on a course, I can't take annual leave, so there's no choice this time. I hope it'll be fine enough for the boys to be able to play out in the childminder's garden...

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