Sunday, November 25, 2007

There were two in the bed, and the little one said ... Well, substitute "car" for "bed", and you get the picture.

Normally, four of us go to church together - SuperSpouse is an organist elsewhere. But today, Cello-Kid stayed in bed, sleeping. (He needs the rest.) We dropped Viola-Kid off in town to go to a music course.So Saxophone-Kid and I went to church alone. It was quiet!


Now, as you know, I'm on a diet, so I'm shrinking. Soon my work colleagues won't be able to see me.

"People are saying" (how I hate that expression) that I play too loud at the end of the church service, so today I made a deliberate effort to finish QUIETLY.

It follows that, in addition to my work colleagues not being able to SEE me, the congregation at church won't be able to HEAR me, so very soon I shall achieve my goal of total invisibility.

And then when I go to a bar (even a coffee-bar), I will no longer have to wait ages getting served. With a height of 5'0", I've grown used to that.

No - I simply won't get served at all. I am a figment of your imagination!

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three Cheers for George @ Asda! I've just bought not one but two pairs of Asda basic jeans for a rock-bottom price. The size 12's fit on the hips but are marginally loose at the waist. (The size 10's are going to fit me soon, honest!)

I feel a bit guilty. How CAN Asda sell jeans so cheaply? Okay, you could argue they're loss-leaders, and they probably are. But are they fairly-traded, or have I just condoned some poor third-world worker being exploited? I do hope not.

It's been quite a good day. Viola-Kid should have gone to orchestra, but he spent the morning in bed feeling slightly off-colour. Miraculously, he rose from his stretcher and walked, at the mention of burgers in buns for lunch. (Ah, well - that's kids for you.) Meanwhile, poor Cello-Kid has been stressed to the max with too many musical and school demands this month. They all went out and bought a new guitar-playing game for the Wii this afternoon, and de-stressed most enjoyably together when they got home!

I spent most of the unallocated time this day working on a research paper for a conference that's coming up in Surrey after Christmas. The paper is still a little long, but I believe I'm now covering the subject-matter in an order that my supervisor will approve of. I'll show it to my clarsach-playing friend tomorrow. (She got her doctorate years ago, so she'll know if my paper is an acceptable standard.)

Now, at 22.57 pm, all my kids are in bed and I am about to tackle the Ironing Mountain. Fetch me the grappling irons and hard hat!

PS I spent half an hour removing the clothes that are positively too big for me, from my wardrobe this morning. And discovered that the suit I bought eight years ago ACTUALLY FITS ME AGAIN!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Introducing ... my slimline self!

The picture's a bit severe-looking, but what do you expect from a self-portrait on a mobile phone? I wore this dress to the Queen's Garden Party at Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, about 7 years ago. Within a couple of years, the dress no longer fitted. So - I wore it all day last Sunday, to prove that it really DOES fit me again, and it was still comfortable after I'd cooked a decent Sunday dinner for the family and a couple of good friends of ours.

You know, I've bought new clothes, but I still need more. Half the stuff in my wardrobe is now too big. I don't know if I'm up to altering it all - would take so long to make a good job of it ...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Official - I never listen!

Must be true - Himself says so. Today (I was informed), he had a hospital appointment about his arthritic knee. And he was busy this afternoon, so I would have to take the day off to look after Cello-Kid, who is slightly under the weather with a throat virus.

However, my diary - and the wall calendar - said his appointment was on Thursday. "That", quoth he wisely, "just goes to show that you simply don't pay attention."


SuperSpouse refused to discuss it. I was Wrong, because I Didn't Listen. He had arranged a deputy to cover for him at work this morning, and that was that.

I decided that I'd shut up. If he ended up at the hospital with no-one waiting to see him, then so be it.

Yesterday evening, AFTER I had arranged my day off, he found a piece of paper lying amongst his heaps on the stairs. (I do not have heaps on the stairs, but he does. Invariably.) Somewhat to his surprise, it told him his appointment was on Thursday. Hah! I was almost disappointed that he wasn't going to show up at the clinic this morning after all.

Anyway, I had a day at home working on a research paper, and very nice it was too. Cello-Kid slept a bit, read a bit, and did some maths homework. And I saw my supervisor late in the afternoon, then we were taken out to a string quartet by friends this evening. Altogether most satisfactory.

I have arranged a hearing test for myself. Not because I Don't Listen, but because sometimes I Don't Hear. And then I do get into trouble... life isn't fair, is it?!

To change the subject - I'm proud to say I have lost nearly 1.5 stones and that means I've lost 15% of my former weight. Three cheers for Weight Watchers and their Core Plan! (No cheers at all for SuperSpouse, who blotted his copy book by telling me that before I started all this, I had a protruding stomach and looked pregnant. It's a gross exaggeration. I was NOT obese - just a little over the recommended weight for my height.)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How many clothes does a girl need to buy from M&S? Quite a few, when she's shed nearly 1.5 stones. Not just a Weight Watchers Slimmer, then - an M&S Weight Watchers Slimmer. Had to flex the credit card again today - I have to have some trousers that won't fall off me!

I went to Strathpeffer to the Centres of Excellence concert last weekend. What a trip!

  • Train Glasgow to Perth
  • Replacement Bus Perth to Inverness
  • Late arrival in Inverness due to road works - 2.5 hours waiting at station
  • Train Inverness to Dingwall
  • Bus Dingwall to Strathpeffer

It was an excellent concert, and I'd found a great B&B, so I enjoyed myself. Enjoyed my Highland breakfast, too! Best porridge ever!

Fortified, I spent the morning with a friend who'd been assisting with the concert, which involved walking, coffee, walking then a soup lunch, before going back to Dingwall for my train back.

Oops! I got to the station 1.5 hours early, and boy, was it chilly on that platform! No waiting-room on a Sunday, no refreshments, no toilets ...

  • Train to Inverness
  • Replacement bus to Perth
  • Roadworks still a problem - missed connection and had to wait half an hour on platform ...
  • Train back to Glasgow.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I was knackered yesterday? Which wouldn't have been so bad if SuperSpouse hadn't also been ill yesterday and somewhat incapacitated today. I'm still convinced the sudden cold spell affecte his arthritic knee. He wasn't well at all. And he was grumpy with it!

Having seen the doctor now, he is somewhat better. (Different painkillers and some peace of mind.)

I took the boys swimming this evening. No, it's not a good way of getting a thesis written, but even would-be doctors of philosophy need exercise!

Monday, November 05, 2007

'Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup

I haven't posted much on PseudoSupermum recently. Things are just a bit hectic. Added to which, my Dad isn't at all well, so we took the boys down to Norfolk to see their grandparents this weekend. Dad's a poor old thing, and Mum's stressed more than she can bear. She isn't a natural-born carer, and finds it terribly difficult. They were both very pleased to see us, and to see their grandsons, whom they hadn't seen for a couple of years - largely because Dad is housebound (and a bit confused) and Mum can't leave him.

We got back this evening. I dashed to Weight Watchers (bad idea, after a weekend of inactivity and Mum's cooking), then back to take two of the boys to music lessons. When we got back, SuperSpouse got sausage suppers for himself and all three boys. I nobly did without, and started sorting out laundry.

Eventually, I decided I was hungry. While the youngest boy was in the bath, I created a new soup. Introducing - ' Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup:-

In ten minutes flat, I sauted a few spring onions, washed and sliced two carrots, flung in a handful of lentils and a stock-cube, and some mixed herbs. Added about half a pint of boiling water and simmered it all until the carrots were soft. Then mashed it. Believe it or not, it was delicious. So - there you have it. 'Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup.

There will be people out there who never have peeled a carrot. Good for you! You probably think I need to get a life - well then, I'm trying, see?!