Tuesday, November 13, 2007

How many clothes does a girl need to buy from M&S? Quite a few, when she's shed nearly 1.5 stones. Not just a Weight Watchers Slimmer, then - an M&S Weight Watchers Slimmer. Had to flex the credit card again today - I have to have some trousers that won't fall off me!

I went to Strathpeffer to the Centres of Excellence concert last weekend. What a trip!

  • Train Glasgow to Perth
  • Replacement Bus Perth to Inverness
  • Late arrival in Inverness due to road works - 2.5 hours waiting at station
  • Train Inverness to Dingwall
  • Bus Dingwall to Strathpeffer

It was an excellent concert, and I'd found a great B&B, so I enjoyed myself. Enjoyed my Highland breakfast, too! Best porridge ever!

Fortified, I spent the morning with a friend who'd been assisting with the concert, which involved walking, coffee, walking then a soup lunch, before going back to Dingwall for my train back.

Oops! I got to the station 1.5 hours early, and boy, was it chilly on that platform! No waiting-room on a Sunday, no refreshments, no toilets ...

  • Train to Inverness
  • Replacement bus to Perth
  • Roadworks still a problem - missed connection and had to wait half an hour on platform ...
  • Train back to Glasgow.

Would it surprise anyone to learn that I was knackered yesterday? Which wouldn't have been so bad if SuperSpouse hadn't also been ill yesterday and somewhat incapacitated today. I'm still convinced the sudden cold spell affecte his arthritic knee. He wasn't well at all. And he was grumpy with it!

Having seen the doctor now, he is somewhat better. (Different painkillers and some peace of mind.)

I took the boys swimming this evening. No, it's not a good way of getting a thesis written, but even would-be doctors of philosophy need exercise!

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