Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Official - I never listen!

Must be true - Himself says so. Today (I was informed), he had a hospital appointment about his arthritic knee. And he was busy this afternoon, so I would have to take the day off to look after Cello-Kid, who is slightly under the weather with a throat virus.

However, my diary - and the wall calendar - said his appointment was on Thursday. "That", quoth he wisely, "just goes to show that you simply don't pay attention."


SuperSpouse refused to discuss it. I was Wrong, because I Didn't Listen. He had arranged a deputy to cover for him at work this morning, and that was that.

I decided that I'd shut up. If he ended up at the hospital with no-one waiting to see him, then so be it.

Yesterday evening, AFTER I had arranged my day off, he found a piece of paper lying amongst his heaps on the stairs. (I do not have heaps on the stairs, but he does. Invariably.) Somewhat to his surprise, it told him his appointment was on Thursday. Hah! I was almost disappointed that he wasn't going to show up at the clinic this morning after all.

Anyway, I had a day at home working on a research paper, and very nice it was too. Cello-Kid slept a bit, read a bit, and did some maths homework. And I saw my supervisor late in the afternoon, then we were taken out to a string quartet by friends this evening. Altogether most satisfactory.

I have arranged a hearing test for myself. Not because I Don't Listen, but because sometimes I Don't Hear. And then I do get into trouble... life isn't fair, is it?!

To change the subject - I'm proud to say I have lost nearly 1.5 stones and that means I've lost 15% of my former weight. Three cheers for Weight Watchers and their Core Plan! (No cheers at all for SuperSpouse, who blotted his copy book by telling me that before I started all this, I had a protruding stomach and looked pregnant. It's a gross exaggeration. I was NOT obese - just a little over the recommended weight for my height.)

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