Sunday, November 25, 2007

There were two in the bed, and the little one said ... Well, substitute "car" for "bed", and you get the picture.

Normally, four of us go to church together - SuperSpouse is an organist elsewhere. But today, Cello-Kid stayed in bed, sleeping. (He needs the rest.) We dropped Viola-Kid off in town to go to a music course.So Saxophone-Kid and I went to church alone. It was quiet!


Now, as you know, I'm on a diet, so I'm shrinking. Soon my work colleagues won't be able to see me.

"People are saying" (how I hate that expression) that I play too loud at the end of the church service, so today I made a deliberate effort to finish QUIETLY.

It follows that, in addition to my work colleagues not being able to SEE me, the congregation at church won't be able to HEAR me, so very soon I shall achieve my goal of total invisibility.

And then when I go to a bar (even a coffee-bar), I will no longer have to wait ages getting served. With a height of 5'0", I've grown used to that.

No - I simply won't get served at all. I am a figment of your imagination!

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