Saturday, November 24, 2007

Three Cheers for George @ Asda! I've just bought not one but two pairs of Asda basic jeans for a rock-bottom price. The size 12's fit on the hips but are marginally loose at the waist. (The size 10's are going to fit me soon, honest!)

I feel a bit guilty. How CAN Asda sell jeans so cheaply? Okay, you could argue they're loss-leaders, and they probably are. But are they fairly-traded, or have I just condoned some poor third-world worker being exploited? I do hope not.

It's been quite a good day. Viola-Kid should have gone to orchestra, but he spent the morning in bed feeling slightly off-colour. Miraculously, he rose from his stretcher and walked, at the mention of burgers in buns for lunch. (Ah, well - that's kids for you.) Meanwhile, poor Cello-Kid has been stressed to the max with too many musical and school demands this month. They all went out and bought a new guitar-playing game for the Wii this afternoon, and de-stressed most enjoyably together when they got home!

I spent most of the unallocated time this day working on a research paper for a conference that's coming up in Surrey after Christmas. The paper is still a little long, but I believe I'm now covering the subject-matter in an order that my supervisor will approve of. I'll show it to my clarsach-playing friend tomorrow. (She got her doctorate years ago, so she'll know if my paper is an acceptable standard.)

Now, at 22.57 pm, all my kids are in bed and I am about to tackle the Ironing Mountain. Fetch me the grappling irons and hard hat!

PS I spent half an hour removing the clothes that are positively too big for me, from my wardrobe this morning. And discovered that the suit I bought eight years ago ACTUALLY FITS ME AGAIN!!!

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Anonymous said...

You look positively smashing I must say! What an amazing accomplishment!

Gina from AZ/USA