Monday, November 05, 2007

'Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup

I haven't posted much on PseudoSupermum recently. Things are just a bit hectic. Added to which, my Dad isn't at all well, so we took the boys down to Norfolk to see their grandparents this weekend. Dad's a poor old thing, and Mum's stressed more than she can bear. She isn't a natural-born carer, and finds it terribly difficult. They were both very pleased to see us, and to see their grandsons, whom they hadn't seen for a couple of years - largely because Dad is housebound (and a bit confused) and Mum can't leave him.

We got back this evening. I dashed to Weight Watchers (bad idea, after a weekend of inactivity and Mum's cooking), then back to take two of the boys to music lessons. When we got back, SuperSpouse got sausage suppers for himself and all three boys. I nobly did without, and started sorting out laundry.

Eventually, I decided I was hungry. While the youngest boy was in the bath, I created a new soup. Introducing - ' Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup:-

In ten minutes flat, I sauted a few spring onions, washed and sliced two carrots, flung in a handful of lentils and a stock-cube, and some mixed herbs. Added about half a pint of boiling water and simmered it all until the carrots were soft. Then mashed it. Believe it or not, it was delicious. So - there you have it. 'Why peel a carrot?' and lentil soup.

There will be people out there who never have peeled a carrot. Good for you! You probably think I need to get a life - well then, I'm trying, see?!

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