Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ah, Christmas! the merry sound of jingling cash-registers and jangling pianos ...

I've just spent the evening accompanying a choir and soloists in a carol concert, but I had never practised any of the pieces with them before, and only started practising them myself yesterday. The piano at the venue was lovely - it was the pianist who wasn't.

Cello-Kid turned pages for me - what a cherub!

It feels as though I've spent most of the day at a keyboard of one kind of another, so now I'm going to have a nice relaxing bath, then a sherry and some cherry liqueur chocolates. Yes, yes, I KNOW I'm in Weight Watchers, but I'm also human, it's Saturday night, and I'm tired.

I can't be Pseudosupermum all the time - and the boys are in bed ...

Incidentally, if you could have seen me yesterday, you'd have seen a saintly woman sadly wronged. I had my hearing tested yesterday afternoon, because SuperSpouse is always saying that I just don't listen. Correction - it is now official - I just don't hear 50% of what goes into my left ear.

When I told SuperSpouse, he quipped that he would now have to work out which 50% I hadn't heard and which 50% I still hadn't listened to. HUMPH!

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