Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Chaos - Festive Fury

I said it last year - and I'll say it again - December is the month when busy working mothers, already overloaded, take on twice as much again and wonder why they can't cope. I should know - I'm one of them.

Well, presents have (mostly) been bought. Food shopping has (mostly) been done. Same for the greetings cards.

I had a mad dash to Norfolk by train on Wednesday (because planes don't fly Glasgow-Norwich on Wednesdays) and back to Glasgow by air yesterday. To add to my father's frailty and health problems, he's now half-blind, too. I'm so sad both for him and for my mother, struggling to cope.

The train south was 90 minutes late by the time we reached Edinburgh. That was a great start. Anyway, the trip back was uneventful. Until I ordered the taxi to take me from home to the garage where my car was getting repaired. It took 30 minutes and three calls before the taxi appeared. Great!

Choir-practice finished off my night, with a 60% turnout. We worked so hard, but it was difficult with such reduced numbers!

Ah, well - I was in bed before midnight, and up bright and early for the last day at work today. All was going fine until I got the phonecall to say that the kids' school was closing because they had a power shortage, reduced heating and no hot water. Would I go and fetch them? Of course - just let me get the subway back to my car, and I'll be there in an hour or so ...

The good news is, my windscreen washer wasn't working when I got the car BACK from the garage. But thanks to a bit of electrical tape, I've got it fixed. I may be the Queen of Superglue, but there are times when glue just isn't appropriate.

Now to hang all those greetings cards, and catch up on mail. Oh, joy. And a happy Christmas to you too!

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