Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to waste time, big time ...

Well, I suppose it wasn't entirely wasting time. Viola Kid just loves his new bagpipe CD, Spirit of the Glen. (It's in the Classic FM charts just now.) He wanted to be able to play Mull of Kintyre.

I have arranged it for viola, saxophone and cello. There isn't a lot of music available for that precise combination, as you can probably appreciate.

I've also arranged a melody composed by Saxophone Kid - for viola and cello.

I've arranged a Tchaikovsky song for viola and piano.

And tonight I arranged Flower of Scotland, for descant recorder, viola, cello and piano. Such productivity!

Oh, and I did all my ironing, too. What a PseudoSupermum! On Christmas Eve I did alterations on three of my favourite long skirts, to accomodate my new svelte figure. So this was me, getting them into a wearable state again...

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