Sunday, December 23, 2007

I must be the only person whose mince-pies actually SHOUT when I walk past them.

So why did I make them? you may ask. Well, Superspouse likes them. And I wanted to give some to our neighbours. I only tested ONE pie before taking them round next-door.

Christmas and Weight Watchers are nearly incompatible. Less chance to exercise, more chances to sin. Oh, my!

It's 8.25 am on the Sunday before Christmas, and it's frosty outside. Black ice, too. Am I looking forward to the 5.5 mile drive to church? Well, what do you think?!

Saxophone kid is looking forward to going "tubing" at the ski-centre at lunchtime. What's tubing? Cello-kid is looking forward to a baking extravaganza tomorrow, because the free Asda magazine has a fantastic snowman cake. You should see it! I bought the ingredients but will ours turn out as well? (Even more to the point - should I even be BAKING such a temptation!)

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