Tuesday, December 11, 2007

If any of my friends out there would like to send me a cyber Christmas present, please find me a recipe for low-calorie Christmas mince pies! We're talking seriously low, here. I haven't lost nearly 2 stones in weight to put them back on again over Christmas. I have a feeling that filo pastry is quite low-cal, so I shall be investigating that for a start. But the actually filling is unlikely to be calorie-free, isn't it?! Weight Watchers say the best solution is to eat mini-mince pies. Okay .... do I need to go out and buy mini-mince pie trays to bake them in?

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Rose Marie said...

Wow .... you have lost weight and how wonderful you look! For pasty, I've used wonton wrappers to make raisin tarts. They are a bit chewy but still good and fat-free. Sorry, but don't have a recipe for mince-meat. To make tarts, I've heard that you can make them in the paper muffin cups and just place them on a tray to bake.