Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cut Up

On Monday I got 36 hours' notice to go and get a carpal tunnel release operation this morning. No time to panic - barely time to get organised.

Then yesterday, Viola Kid's brace needed a repair - nothing for it, I had to take time off to take him to the orthodontist, knowing I wouldn't be able to drive today. Worked very late to make up the time.

Here I am, home again - very numb - having been told not to drive for TWO weeks. What on earth am I to do?

Worse, for the next couple of days I'm typing one-handed with the left arm in a sling. This is dreadful! I can't touch-type with only one hand. And it feels as though I'm going cross-eyed, peering at the keyboard. I only want to get on with my transcription of Alexander Campbell's journal!

Someone say something encouraging, please!

1 comment:

Gina said...

Oh my! At least you are now on the mend and didn't have the time and luxury to get worried about the surgery. . . .

Please take care of yourself and allow yourself to heal before getting back into the swing of things too fast.

Enjoy some tea and catch up on the reading:-)