Monday, January 14, 2008

Cold virus in all its glory...?

I'm lurking at home with a stinking rotten cold, feeling sorry for myself. Send sympathy please!

Well, I went to a conference at the University of Guildford after New Year. Discovered my new sat-nav expects me to have four wheels, so it wasn't much use when I flew down and wanted to walk the last mile and a half from Guildford Station to the campus! "Turn at the next available opportunity", the computer-voice advised. "Like now?", I asked her. Silence. Hmmm - better luck when I try her out in the car!

Back to work last week, where one of the colleagues with whom I share an office had a stinking rotten cold. Need I say more.

Yesterday (Sunday), I took my stinking rotten cold to two church services - I didn't hugely enjoy the first and certainly not the second - and in between times, we had visitors to dinner. That at least was successful and enjoyable.

By the time I'd dashed out to the second service and back again, the visitors were gone, and I just slumped. Did you know that "alcohol may affect the performance" of Lemsip Max? I stuck to Lemsip. The red wine would have been nice, but the Lemsip did more for my sinuses!

Back to bed now, before the hot water-bottle cools. Snuffle!

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