Saturday, January 26, 2008


I went back to work yesterday, wearing my sling so that underground passengers would (hopefully) give me a wide berth. It worked - a nice man offered me a seat on the way home. Just as well - I can't stand and hold a handrail, and I wouldn't want to fall against my hand if I lost my balance.

My hand is improving. I can't open a tin of Weight Watchers tuna salad or lift a mug, but I can type. (Good physiotherapy in short bursts, the consultant said.) I can't wash up. I can't iron. I can't hang up washing. Poor SuperSpouse.

This morning, he went to the Transport Museum while I pottered at home with the kids. I didn't take Viola-Kid to orchestra, and felt slightly guilty - but if I'd taken him by bus, I'd have had to hang around until it was over. It's been a wet, horrible day - it just seemed like one thing too many.

This afternoon, Viola-Kid, Saxophone-Boy and I went first to Viola-Kid's guitar lesson and then to Saxophone-Boy's optician's appointment, whilst SuperSpouse took Cello-Kid to the Cello-repair man to get the spike seen to. What a rush! But we made it, and were home at a sensible time for tea.

And I've printed out my transcription of Alexander Campbell's 1815 travel journal - 26,000+ words of it, over 48 typed pages. Boy, do I feel proud of myself! I've marked up any words I find hard to read. I've highlighted any passages about his music collecting for his Albyn's Anthology. And now I can tidy up my desk and start getting my research (and the rest of my life) back in order. I've been totally obsessive about this transcription, but then again, I do want to publish it one day - so it was worth it.

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