Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I went to two postgrad courses today - one on writer's block, and the other on editing, proofreading and referencing.

They never had courses like this when I was a postgrad the first time round! The "Blocked" course was possibly the most useful. It was good being obliged to sit and think about the reasons for NOT sitting down and writing.

I dutifully came up with all the reasons, such as lacking in confidence, feeling as though you're not yet ready, not yet equipped with all the facts, etc, etc. Then I started thinking about other reasons - like, not having enough time. Feeling that I had to get all my domesticity up to date before I could allow myself to think serious Doctoral Thoughts, and so on.

"Not enough time?!", another student commented. "That's not an excuse - anyone can see you don't have enough time!" So there we are - I'm officially time-challenged! Can anyone tell me where I can gain a few hours a week? (You'll agree that I am blogging far less frequently these days, as it is ... )

Right. It's late. I've done nothing doctoral this evening. Instead, I've taken Small-Fry to Boys' Brigade, come home with Viola-Kid and wrapped up two birthday presents, written three cards, set up Mum's new Mothering Sunday phone, fetched Small-Fry home again, organised supper, a viola practice session and two boys to bed. True - I don't have much time to myself!

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