Saturday, February 09, 2008

Tell me something:

Why does Mother Nature arrange for mothers to reach the perimenopause at precisely the same time as their kids reach puberty? Is she having a laugh at humankind's expense?

Of course, this only happens because we women have claimed our right to work! We marry later, have kids later ...

Oh, and by the way - now that we're so modern and advanced, Mother Nature has also arranged that we will be looking after our elderly parents at the same time as we're balancing the tightrope of simultaneous perimenopause and puberty.

I have struggled and worked to get to where I am. I'll go on struggling and working to get to where I feel I should be. But I have to say that it's an uphill struggle!
The image is from the National Association for Premenstrual Syndrome, a UK organisation. I hope they won't mind. It looks a very useful group, and I may well revisit the website!

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