Saturday, February 23, 2008

Twirling like a top again, Saxophone-Kid and I have been family chauffeurs again today:-

But first, I made lentil soup, set the bread machine going, and processed some laundry.

  • Took Viola-Kid to orchestra;
  • Took SuperSpouse's suit to the cleaner;
  • Took Cello-Kid to his music course;
  • Failed to find Cello-Kid's cello mute. He thought it was still on the old cello that is waiting for someone to buy it from the music shop. We went. It wasn't. The shop didn't have any new cello mutes either;
  • Took Viola-Kid for his guitar lesson;
  • Got Cello-Kid's phone topped up;
Any wonder I've had a tension headache all afternoon?!

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