Sunday, February 10, 2008

What a woman's left hand is for

You don't realise how useful your hands are, until something happens to them. My carpal tunnel operation has certainly fixed the problem - I managed to sew name-tapes into five pairs of socks with no pins and needles, the other night. The first time in years, I might add.

But some tasks are now off-limit until I regain the strength in my wrist.

  • Ironing

  • Holding a full jug or kettle

  • Using the handbrake (but I manage fine by using both hands)

  • Lifting anything heavy

Using a computer keyboard in short bursts is seen as good physiotherapy. Well, naturally, that's how I use a computer. I use it all day at work - in short bursts, of course - and quite regularly at home. So why, oh why, should it be uncomfortable playing the piano or organ? I can play easy stuff. I can play difficult stuff. But if I play difficult stuff, then my wrist protests. ("Give me a rest, I'm not ready for this yet.")

I'll keep this short - why should I not blog in short bursts, too?!

Image from Alberta Bible College, with thanks.

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