Friday, May 30, 2008

The order of service is done - in its first draft. I have to wait for my Mum to send me the hymn texts so I can check that the words in Dad's old Baptist hymnal are the same as the ones in the slightly newer Anglican one.

That's how I spent most of my evening. My lunchtime was busy too, though: I bought smart new shirts for the boys, and took SuperSpouse's suit to the dry-cleaners.

I haven't done any research all week. Perhaps this isn't surprising. Maybe I should call it officially a week off, then I wouldn't have to agonise about why I've done nothing. I have had other things on my mind.

The picture is Horsham St Faiths Parish Church, where the funeral will take place next Friday, 6th June.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

One day on, and I'm making progress.

  • * I've heard back from the vicar;
  • * I've found the perfect outgoing organ voluntary (a setting of the hymn my father specified);
  • * and I've asked Mum to send me the hymns.
  • * I've got the cover of the order of service almost perfect
  • * and the rest is just waiting for me to put in the hymn texts.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm so tired! I was up late last night sorting out Dad's list of hymns etc that he wanted for his funeral. As the only member of his family who attends church - not to mention being an organist myself - it has fallen to me to sort out details of the service with the vicar. And I want it to be "just right", naturally.

I found perfect CD tracks for the crematorium committal service - I'm quietly proud of that. So today, I emailed the vicar and sent the CDs to the undertaker, and must now just wait patiently.

Time for an early night

Sunday, May 25, 2008

My dear father, Revd. Ronald Eric Manley, died this afternoon at 2.20 pm in the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital after a series of mini-strokes, and many years of poor health. That he lived to the age of 81 is a tribute to a vast number of different health professionals.

Gifted musician, modern languages teacher and United Reformed Church minister, he led a full and active life and touched the lives of many.
This morning - knowing I was likely to hear the worst today - the words of the Nunc Dimittis came to mind - "Lord, now lettest Thou Thy servant depart in peace." And he has. The struggle is over.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


SuperSpouse went to Croydon then Dover yesterday, so he and his pals could ride the Belgian Coast Tram today.

Last night, therefore, it was me that took Cello-Kid back to his halls of residence. Got halfway there, had to turn round for a black shirt that he needed, then back to the halls we went again ... Boys!

Today? This morning I insisted we had to be out of the house by 7.50 am. I was ready and shouting for the boys by 8 am. They had already been ready for at least 5 minutes but spent another ten buzzing up and down stairs getting things they'd forgotten.

Off we went. I didn't know there was a diversion meaning I couldn't go along the Renfrew Road. Back we went and tried a different way. Reached the childminder, late. I was then seriously delayed in traffic. Got to work a mere 5 minutes late, which was a miracle but not good enough. At least I didn't get ticked off. (I'm a grown woman, a professional career-woman, of nearly 50, but scared of getting in trouble for poor timekeeping. Wo-man or wo-mouse?)

The working day was unremarkable. I got in the car and set off to collect the boys from the childminder. I thought I had an hour to take them to McDonald's and then to the school concert. Not so. Traffic was horrendous. When I got to the childminder's, Viola-Kid informed me that he had to be at school half an hour early. Right. We did it, somehow, guzzle guzzle guzzle ...

Eventually, we got back home again after the concert. SuperSpouse rang up to say he'd been to Belgium and back, but somewhere since leaving Glasgow airport, he has lost his car-key. And he didn't care about my stupid, pathetic failure to get out of the house on time because anything I had to say was unimportant and petty. And all my own fault in any case. Right again.

Well, since then I've found the spare car keys. After which, I discovered that Viola-Kid actually had homework to do ... and while I was being berated for my inadequacies, the boys had done their own thing so now Saxophone-Kid AND Viola-Kid were late for bed.

Excuse me while I scream. They only have to be up EARLIER than 7 am tomorrow morning, so we can be out of the house EARLIER than 8.10 am and I can get to work EARLIER than 5 minutes late.


Okay, I'll go and have a coffee then a bath. I think I've had enough of today.